Professionally Guided Safari

Himalayan Kingdoms

Only recently have travelers been able to move between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan in a single trip! Enjoy a remarkable and comfortable adventure through this deeply ancient and mysterious region. [...]

Spotlight on India

India is a land of spectacular enchantment, with diverse natural terrain and history reaching back 5 millennia. [...]

Tanzania Dry Season

The key to spectacular game viewing during the dry season is to travel to areas where water sources are near guaranteed. This wholly Tanzania safari does just that while visiting Tanzania's most fant [...]

Dry Season Drama

The best game viewing of the year often comes during the dry season because (the secret is that it usually isn't dry in the Mara)! Outstanding game viewing in Kenya at its best time of the year! [...]

Serengeti Shall Not Die

Guided by EWT's chief Arusha guide, Tumaini Meisha, this is Tanzania's landmark safari itinerary, featuring the great Serengeti. This is a relatively short safari that provides exceptional value and [...]

Ancient Ethiopia

Likely the earliest human empire, certainly the most colorful and absolutely the most enduring was the Ethiopian civilization. Join your personal guide on this remarkable tour to explore the very old [...]