Professionally Guided

Dry Season Drama

The best game viewing of the year often comes during the dry season because (the secret is that it usually isn't dry in the Mara)! Outstanding game viewing in Kenya at its best time of the year! [...]

Indian Ocean Islands

Rodrigues, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar & the Seychelles in 9, 17, 19 & 25-Day segments. Exceptional beauty with a richness of unusual life. Refresh your sense of exploration! [...]

Jim's Great Migration '18

The best safari with the best guide. The great migration with an honorary Maasai who has guided the safari for 42 years! [...]

Vintage Tanzania

Explore the best game viewing in the world, on the famous northern circuit of Tanzania, in optimum comfort. [...]

Tanzania Dry Season

The key to spectacular game viewing during the dry season is to travel to areas where water sources are near guaranteed. This wholly Tanzania safari does just that while visiting Tanzania's most fant [...]

Justin's Great Migration

Justin's annual migration safari in Tanzania ending in the Serengeti where the great herds are normally found at this time. [...]