Situated at the foot of the majestic Waterberg Plateau in northern Namibia is the magnificent Waterberg Guest Farm, a 42 000 hectare paradise of natural African savannah.

The ranch ‘Okosongomingo’, on which the Waterberg Guest Farm is located, has been in the Schneider-Waterberg family since 1909 and your host, Harry Schneider-Waterberg, a third generation German Namibian, carries on the family tradition of cattle farming.

Okosongomingo is still a fully operational cattle farm breeding Santa Gertrudis, a cattle breed originating from Texas in the late 60’s, which has proven itself as hardy and extremely well adapted to Namibia’s dry climate. The farm has also gained a reputation for its breeding of wild Arabian horses. Waterberg Guest Farm is conveniently situated just off the main road, halfway between Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, and the world-famous Etosha National Park. It is the perfect place for your first or last stop. Here you can relax from your flight to set off on your tour around Namibia well-rested or you can let your experiences of your travels through Namibia sink in before going home.

Ideally guests should stay two nights, in order to take advantage of the various activities offered. Waterberg Guest Farm also has a 1 400 meter compacted soil airstrip on the ranch to cater for fly-in guests. The nearest town, Otjiwarongo, is 63 kilometers from Waterberg Guest Farm.

Waterberg Guest Farm forms the nucleus of the Waterberg Conservancy, which includes the Waterberg Plateau Park – a combined area of over 180 000 hectares – committed to the conservation of flora, fauna and fragile ecosystems that are fast disappearing across Africa. A substantial area of both the ‘Waterberg’ and ‘Small Waterberg’ plateaus lie within the boundaries of Waterberg Guest Farm.

This area is home to an incredible variety of free-roaming Namibian wildlife – from the majestic leopard and the cheetah to the wily jackal, herds of antelope such as the eland, kudu and oryx, the graceful little steenbok, klipspringer and tiny dik-dik.

Guests are pampered in a style befitting the spectacular surroundings. Apart from comfortable en-suite rooms, guests can also soak up the atmosphere of the unspoilt African bush in our secluded bush bungalows – situated about 160 meters from the main homestead. Built entirely of natural materials from the surrounding mountains, they offer all the modern amenities wrapped up in good old-fashioned romance!