Dear Friends,

 Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve is the wettest place in the huge Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Mara ecosystem, and that’s why it’s Kenya’s best and most popular big game park: It’s where the best game viewing occurs in Kenya at virtually at any time of the year.

 But when all the rest of the gigantic great migration ecosystem has dried out, the Mara becomes especially important. This happens in July, August and September. So sometime in these months a huge portion of the great migration migrates here.

 They would likely keep going all the way to Lake Victoria since it’s even rainier in that direction than in the Mara. But they can’t. The outskirts of the Mara are heavily populated: Maasai farmers and gigantic wheat farms along with burgeoning little towns. So this is “the end of the line.”

 This where almost all of the great documentaries about the great migration are filmed. Along with the Mara River and a couple other similar big rivers, the wildebeest here are constantly running to and fro. I think they’re worried about being at the end-of-the-line, but for whatever reason, they might cross a river and then recross it a few hours later!

 And the river is filled with crocs. They eat only at this season. These gigantic dinosaurs seem to go to sleep for the rest of the year, waking only when the great herds arrive.

 Before we get to the Mara for this grand climax, I’ll be taking you to other great wildernesses in Kenya which are truly special. These include the great northern frontier, a fantastic landscape similar to our great American southwest, with some of the most beautiful and rarest animals on earth.

 We’ll also be visiting a “tree hotel,” something that the neighboring countries don’t have. These are lodges built on stilts over natural water holes and salt licks. The idea is that the animals come to you! Game viewing in reverse, and lot of fun!

 And this being an all-Kenyan safari, I’m able to show you the wonders, dynamism and optimistic future all wrapped up in the amazing city of Nairobi. Here are some of Africa’s finest museums and markets, and you’ll sample several of the better. And there couldn’t be a better place to talk about Africa’s past than in some of the old bars of downtown Nairobi!

 So if you want to see the migration at its best and summer is the right time for you, this is the one!

Jim Heck