This is generally considered the best of Kenya’s five tree hotels, safari lodges which are built over natural water holes and salt licks and which flips the way most people game view in East Africa. Instead of searching for animals in a vehicle, you spend as much time as you wish watching the animals come to the water hole and salt lick.

Built in the theme of Noah’s Ark, the rooms are compact, like a ship’s cabin. But unlike several of Kenya’s other tree hotels, each room has its own bathroom and shower. There are three viewing levels including the roof, the glassed-in main deck and a lower deck which includes an opening at eye-level right on the water hole. Floodlights which don’t seem to effect the animals come on at dusk, and a never-ending parade of Africa unfolds.

The water hole will draw a considerable amount of game including elephant, rhino, hyaena, bushbuck and buffalo as regulars. Giant forest hog, leopard and rarer duikers are often sometimes seen. The bird life sports all the exotically colored highland rain forest birds.

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