Located on the private 24,000 hectare Namib  Tsaris  Conservancy and nestled between the Nubib and Zaris Mountains, this camp is a mere thirty minutes’ drive from the Sossusvlei gate, the gateway to the Great Namib Sand Sea which has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The camp offers a fantastic  alternative  to  any  traditional  lodge  in  the  Sossusvlei area as it also offers exclusivity which  is  beyond  compare. Activities  include  visits  to  Sossusvlei  with  your  private  guide  and  general  exploration  of  the  private  Neuhof  Nature  Reserve, including nature walks and drives, magic moments in desert pools (yes, isn’t that intriguing!) and star gazing. It is also a great venue for photographers, offering fantastic landscapes, iconic quiver trees, and the opportunity for night time photography which is often very difficult to arrange elsewhere.