Serengeti Sopa Lodge is located down a single long road into the bottom part of the western corridor deep into the Moru Kopjes. There is a spectacular view from the raised pool and bar areas over the western grassland plains.

This is a typical large first-class tourist lodge, with two levels of box rooms that extend out from the main, large public areas, which include a large dining room, several shops, a coffee bar and swimming pool. Each of the 70 rooms are fairly functional and not too stylish, with two queen-sized beds and a small concrete balcony. The tiled shower/bathroom supplies hot water only in the evenings.

The Moru Kopjes are definitely among the prettiest parts of all the Serengeti, and the views from nearly every part of the lodge are spectacular. For a short time seasonally the great migration comes through this area and turns it into the prime area for game viewing in all the Serengeti. But at other times the long one-way road into the lodge can tax imaginative game viewing.