Deep in the heart of Uganda’s Western Rift Valley, the Semliki Safari Lodge is located in the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve and about an hour away from the Semuliki National Park. It is the only luxury tourist facility within a 200 sq. mile area and is centrally located for viewing both the big savanna game associated with Lake Albert and the unique and abundant jungle game associated with Congo’s Ituri Forest.

The spacious tents are built in the grand old safari tradition with canvas under thatched roofs…but this is far from camping. Gleaming hardwood floors, four poster beds, Persian carpets…each room has electric lights and ensuite bathrooms with running water. Each has a veranda overlooking wonderful views of the Semliki valley.

The main lodge is a large, comfortable living space where guests converge to watch the sun set, listen to stories and gather around the massive hand-hewn tables to share their experiences of the day. There is also a swimming pool and masseuse services.