Ruaha National Park is the second largest park and wilderness area in Tanzania, located almost dead center in the country mostly far away from everything. It feels extremely remote and unspoiled, although it is actually relatively easy to get there by a several-hour flight from Dar or on the central safari circuit that normally visits Mikumi park on the way. The park is mostly flat, although some of its edges have a few hills and rolling terrain.

For those seeking exclusivity, it has very few visitors compared with the famous parks in the north. The Great Ruaha River runs through the park, together with several other great sand rivers whose actual watercourses depend very much upon the weather.

The big game is very wild and very abundant, including great numbers of elephant. But having few visitors and an enormous amount of space, there is a lot of game here that simply cannot be found in the more used and popular parks to the south. Visitors have good chances of seeing lesser kudu, wild dog, roan and stable antelope.

Ruaha begins to assume the ecology of southern African parks, and there are many areas of thick woodland. It also shares a climate more similar to southern Africa than Tanzania’s great northern parks, which means heavy rains and nearly unbearable temperatures from November through February. This “green season” nevertheless is a favorite among veterans seeking remote beauty, healthy wildlife and extraordinary numbers of birds.