Dear Friends,

Are you ready for one of the most exciting memorable trips of your life?!  This is my classic East African itinerary, one that I’ve been guiding for nearly 40 years during our summer.  It includes all the highlights of East Africa from the great and dynamic city of Nairobi to almost a dozen wildernesses and game parks introducing you to all the great diversity of wildlife and scenery found here!

During July – October, most of East Africa is very dry.  That means many of the great herds have left the Serengeti plains and moved to higher areas where it still manages to rain a bit, like Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Basically migrating animals follow the rains, so … we do, too!

But there are many animals, like the cats, giraffe, rhino and a multitude of others which don’t migrate.  And there are exquisitely beautiful places like the Crater and Samburu which survive by streams and rivers.  I’ve captured it all in this comprehensive trip, honed and refined by 40 years of experience!

Take a look.  Call me (800-672-3274 x205) if you’d like to talk about it, and get ready for one of the most wonderful experiences you’ve ever had traveling!

Jim Heck