“The Most Animals Safari”
Dear Friends,

I call this safari “The Most Animals Safari” because in my over forty years of experience and countless safaris to every corner of East Africa, this itinerary always encounters the largest number of animals: At times on the grassland plains you see nothing but herds of animals from horizon to horizon!

The veld is lush and incredibly beautiful at this time of the year: White, yellow, purple and red wildflowers carpet the veld. Rarely is the whole day overcast. Rather, the skies are brilliantly sunny until the awesome storms we’ve watched painting giant murals in the endless blue sky all day long hit in the late afternoon and evening. There is no question at all that this is the most beautiful time of the year!

And the storms grow the grasses and the grasses feed the animals. While the quest of the great migration is to move to better grasses, now they don’t have to. The southern grassland plains are in their prime. There are no better nutrient grasses for the animals and their calves than right here, right now.

Of course this provides incredible drama. The predators know this just as much as we do, and they, too, are feasting. This is their easiest time of the year. I’ve often seen lion with bellies so full they look like they’re going to explode, sitting ungainly on their haunches, watching scores of wildebeest file right past them!

I’ve been doing this for over forty years. I don’t like crowds once I’m in the wilderness, and what I consider a crowd most people probably wouldn’t.  It’s impossible today to avoid all crowds, but I do a pretty good job. One of my goals is that at least one of your memories is of being nearly alone on Wild Earth, removed from the hubbub of modern life, transported back to when the earth ruled, not man. Many times on this safari, our vehicles are the only ones you see all day long.

So if you want a really varied and beautiful safari, with the most animals anyone could possibly see at any time of the year, then this is the one!

Jim Heck