Parc des Volcans is the Rwandan national park that includes the largest single section of the Volcanoes Mountain Range, 5 of the 7 volcanoes (all dormant). It lies about a 2-3 hour drive from Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. This is an area of absolutely magical beauty, a highland rain forest in which live most of the last mountain gorillas on earth.

The park is far more developed, more heavily researched, higher, and better managed than the smaller sections of the area run by Rwanda’s neighbors, Uganda and the Congo. As a result, this is definitely the preferred venue for trekking to see mountain gorillas.

More than fifty tourists daily led by well-trained Rwandan rangers ascend the mountains to visit 7-8 habituated families on 4-5 different volcanoes. The treks reach anywhere from 8,000′ to 11,500′ through thick forests draped with lianas and heavy moss.

In addition to the scenery and gorillas, the park contains a wealth of botanical treasures, epiphytes and orchids, ferns and giant bushes, bamboo and much more. There are additional primates, some big game and a bounty of rare and exotically colored birds.