The Niassa Wildlife Reserve in northern Mozambique is one of the last truly wild places in Africa and contains by far the largest concentration of wildlife in Mozambique. Covering over 40,000 sq kms, it is one of the largest conservation areas on the continent.

The Reserve is dominated by the crocodile and hippo filled waterways of the Rovuma and Lugenda rivers that weave their way through the reserve. Spectacular granite inselbergs rise strikingly from the surrounding bush, such as the Mecula and Jao mountains which are almost a vertical kilometre from top to bottom.

Completely untouched before its protected status in the early 1990s, the Niassa Reserve now has increased numbers of wildlife such as lion, spotted hyena, leopard, buffalo and huge tusked elephants. Other highlights include endemic herbivores such as Niassa wildebeest and Boehm’s zebra, and the highly sought after wild dog. Birdlife is also impressive with over 400 species including the endangered Taita falcon, southern banded snake eagle and the rare Angolan pitta.