Africa’s 5th highest mountain, Mt. Meru is a strutting mountain reaching 4,566m in height that stands over Arusha town as its sentinel. Like its bigger brother to the east, Kilimanjaro, it was once a great volcano. The last recorded eruption was about a century ago.
The top third of the mountain is actually one of Tanzania’s most beautiful national parks. Nicknamed “Girrafic Park” because of its extraordinary number of giraffes, there is quite a lot of easily seen big game, including zebra, waterbuck, buffalo, impala and some rarer forest creatures like colobus monkey and red duiker. The series of Momela Lakes create alpine scenery in the middle of Africa and are often filled with flamingoes.

An ash cone forms a subsidiary peak, and the magnificent Ngurdoto Crater is visible from the slopes. Mt. Meru offers a most rewarding, non-difficult climb for those seeking stunning views and frequent nature encounters, a 3-day 2-night trek.