Located on Matembwe Beach on the northeast coast of the big island of Zanzibar, this fine, upmarket property can be easily confused with several other similarly named resorts. This is the most expensive and luxurious one! With just 12 beautifully appointed bungalows facing the Indian Ocean, Matemwe Bungalows seems set apart from the rest of the world in an oasis of natural charm and tranquility.

The spacious bungalows are designed as individual and very private cottages with large verandas, comfy sofas and hammocks.

An open-air restaurant serves delicious meals with fresh local seafood a specialty, and the relaxing adjacent lounge is right beside the ocean where the local Ngalawas sail by daily.

This is a supremely secluded spot with swimming pool and white sand beaches, excellent PADI diving/snorkelling available, and so far, no TV!