The Mare Australis is one of two cruise ships that were built specifically to cruise the Beagle Channel. Its size and other technical aspects were designed up from the specific areas of the channel that its owner wanted to explore, and it is, therefore, one of the finest “fits” of a ship to its itinerary ever created.

The 2665 tonne vessel has 64 cabins on two accommodation decks, each with private facilities, floor beds and panoramic windows. There are two lounges and a main dining room. The ship is 236 feet long and 44 feet wide.

On the public deck is the bar, small library and lecture room in which the ship’s experts give frequent briefings. The bridge and “sky lounge” are open to all, although often closed because of the naturally frequent inclement weather of Patagonia. There is also a shop fully stocked with the items often forgotten by passengers (such as warm coats!) as well as a dispensary with professional doctors and nurses.

Note that most of the ship’s customers come from Europe or South America and in accordance with those traditions, it is not a non-smoking ship. Smoking is heavily restricted, though, and allowed only in the game room and sky lounge.