LUXURY CAMPS are private semi-permanent tented camps which are erected on private special campsites inside government parks and private reserves and generally taken down during the rainy season. While they cannot provide the level of amenities that a permanent camp or lodge can, many are surprisingly comfortable including flush toilets and four-poster beds. Luxury camps are exclusive and small; rarely are there more than 6-8 tents.

The purpose of a private luxury camp is precisely to become removed from the established tourist circuits and reclaim the original vision of safari travel, which was to head out into the wilds far from others.

Today’s luxury camps camps carry with them many modern conveniences. Each tent has a complete bedroom and its own bathroom attached by a zipped doorway. Every bathroom has a flush toilet, shower and dressing room with towels and toiletries provided. The tents have gauze windows and a zipped-in floor making it insect- proof. All beds are made up with a comfortable 7ft mattress, crisp clean linen, a duvet, pillows, bed cover and extra blankets.

The main public area is the spacious mess tent which during non-meal times becomes the lounge and library, which is always sited overlooking a panoramic view. This is the center of your social activity and usually includes a very well-stocked bar. The camp is generated powered for refrigeration, so cold drinks are always on offer and you can always charge your camera batteries.

Luxury camps pride themselves on the quality of the meals prepared far from a stove. Five and six-course dinners rival the best a permanent camp can provide. The staff to client ratio may be as high as 5:1.

The exclusiveness and small size of luxury camps usually means their cost is much higher than luxury permanent camps.