Los Juaninos Hotel is located in the historical center of Morelia next to the magnificent cathedral. It is the only modern hotel in the historic quarter. The building was constructed in the 17th century by order of the Spanish Viceroy to be the region’s administrative palace. Major rebuilding occurred in 1700, 1857 and finally in 1998, when the current structure was fully modernized.

Every one of the hotels 31 rooms is different and decorated separately. The hotel’s exterior — as with all of Morelia’s major buildings — is perfectly symmetrical and one of the many larger blocks that fits precisely into the colonial chessboard of the town. Inside, however, it’s an artistic treasure trove, with vaulting ceilings, intricately hand-carved stairways and halls, and many of the original hardwood doors, window casements and arches, which have been beautifully restored.

Inside each room guests feel they have entered a tiny palace of antiquity. But each room has complete and modern facilities, including full baths. The hotel has a famous restaurant, bar and business center. Hotel residents have special privileges at the city’s nearby Jack Nicklaus golf course.

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