Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge gets its name from the hill directly behind the kitchen that has remained a popular home for one of Nakuru’s lion prides. The lodge is a beautiful retreat set inside Lake Nakuru National Park, the only lodge actually inside the park. Nakuru is the famous home to thousands of flamingoes and millions of other birds. But the park also boasts a rich concentration of big game including black and white rhino and the otherwise extinct Rothschild giraffe. This is the only big game reserve in Kenya which is entirely fenced and has therefore been able to successfully maintain endangered species population like the rhino. No where else will you get a photo of a rhino with a back drop of pink flamingos sifting food from a shimmering lake.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge has 64 chalets and 3 suites all overlooking the lake. It is a perfect place to experience one of the world’s largest ornithological spectacles in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. Â