Limpopo is South Africa’s northernmost province, lying within the great curve of the Limpopo River. It is a region of contrasts, from true bushveld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and patchworks of farmland. The province borders the countries of Botswana to the west, Zimbabwe to the north and Mozambique to the east. Rich in natural beauty, culture and wildlife, Limpopo has a thriving tourism industry. In addition to the Kruger National Park, a nature reserve teeming with African wildlife in a total area roughly the size of Israel, there are 54 provincial reserves and several luxury private game reserves.
It’s also home to the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, one of the country’s seven World Heritage sites. South Africa’s first kingdom, Mapungubwe developed into the subcontinent’s largest realm, lasting for 400 years before it was abandoned in the 14th century. Its highly sophisticated people traded gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt. Valuable archaeological artifacts have been discovered in the area, which lies on the open savanna of the Mapungubwe National Park at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers.