Lamu is the northernmost of the “Sultan Islands” of Zanzibar, Mafia and Mombasa, that for centuries were ruled by the leads of Oman. It is also the smallest, reached from mainland Kenya by ferry, and a favorite of tourists for nearly a half century. This exotic island has no cars! Transport is normally by foot or donkey in this ancient and fascinating Swahili island of narrow winding streets and dazzling white stone houses.

Over a thousand years of the East African, Omani, Yemeni, Indian, and European cultures have blended to create this unique and timeless place where life has seemingly stood still since the 14th century. At night the streets are still lit by lantern.

Beautiful white sand beaches with rolling dunes encircle the island, where some genuinely luxurious beach resorts can be found.

The warm Indian Ocean hosts a myriad of superb watersports activities, making Lamu a dreamy and relaxing haven.