Huab Lodge began as an idea to generate funds to save the desert-dwelling elephant from being harassed and shot. Since 1992 awareness has increased, as has tourism and the “value” of the elephant is changing. The original farmland is a small, unique area called Monte Carlo which boasts stunning views bisected by the mostly dry Huab River. The former rest camp which accommodated tourists in the 1970s now houses the lodge’s staff. At a special site just down river from the old rest camp, where the Germans built the so-called German Bath in the late 1800s, Huab Lodge was erected. Despite its size the unique main building blends well into its surroundings. The irregular thatch roof mirrors a mountain on the opposite bank. The stone and thatch bungalows spread along the elevated north bank of the river ensuring a private and magnificent view – even from the shower!

Huab Lodge with all it has to offer and being off the beaten track is not a place for a single night-stop. You should allow several days to enjoy and absorb the tranquillity and quiet, the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and the many activities. There is an airstrip near the lodge.

Huab Lodge is a charming, unpretentious Africa-style lodge, where guests quickly feel at home. Every year since it began, Huab Lodge has received a prize in the Best Lodge category in the Hospitality Association of Namibia’s guest appraisal contest as well as Iwanowski’s Golden Award. Huab Lodge continues to be revisited by its guests and is recommended to their friends. This word of mouth propaganda is the best form of advertising and speaks for itself.

The main building is an enormous thatch roof with open sides so you feel as though you are outside but well in the shade! There is a cosy seating arrangement with a well-assorted reference library as well as photographs of all the guests who have come to stay. A permanent coffee and tea bar is laid out. The long dining table and other convenient tables and chairs are made of heavy Rhodesian teak sleepers and the easy chairs have colorful handmade cushions. Natural rock islands protrude into the area and are decorated with curious details. A small curio shop and the bar fill the spaces.

Eight stone and thatch bungalows can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests. Meals are enjoyed with the hosts at the family table, where in the Lodge’s friendly atmosphere guests can make friends and exchange opinions and learn more about the country. In Huab Lodge tradition a variety of less well-known South Africa wines are presented ceremoniously each evening for guests to appreciate and enjoy.

The spacious bungalows have a large private patio and are tastefully and practically furnished. They all include a separate en-suite toilet, two hand-wash basins and mirrors and even the shower has a view. The airy room with two king size beds has large windows giving lots of light and a view across the Huab. Tea and coffee making facilities are set out. Mosquito nets, a ceiling fan, and a torch as well as biologically degradeable soaps and shampoo are provided. 24 hours 220 volt power comes from the silent solar energy plant concealed on the hill. The chemically untreated water has a neutral pH value.

There is no need to close the curtains, instead you can watch the stars and listen to the calls of several owl species and the barking geckos as you drift off to sleep. In the morning as you look out from the comfort of your (extra long) bed you can enjoy the soft light as the sun catches the mountains and a new day begins. The dawn chorus gives voice to grey hornbills, fork tailed drongos and white-browed sparrow-weavers in particular. The “heart-attack” call of the red-billed francolin ensures a rush of adrenaline first thing in the morning and the Hartlaub’s francolin shrieks his “machu pichu” call somewhere in the granite.

Use of the swimming pool with its decorative island is recommended, and you can also enjoy a wallow in the thermal spring, which contains soothing and healing minerals and has a neutral pH value and NO sulphur. The temperature fluctuates around 37 to 39 degrees Centigrade and the pool is shaded by an attractive thatch roof which still enables star-gazing. There is a cool plunge-pool next to the hot wallow. A secluded bird-bath makes this a prime spot for birders.

If the stresses of life leave you in need of rejuvenating, our aroma therapist, who trained in South Africa, offers reflexology and aromatherapy massages in the privacy of the bungalow or at the thermal spring. This additional offer has proved extremely popular since its inclusion in the array of activities and can be another reason for wanting to stay longer.

Drinking water is first class quality and many of the salads and herbs served at the table come fresh from the kitchen garden.