This will be the fourth family safari, operated usually every ten years! Hard to imagine so much time has passed since Kathleen and I began this in the 1970s. The first family safari was in the 1970s when we traveled in minibuses and threw our own tents on the ground! Ironically now today, that can be almost as expensive as staying in a lodge, but back then we did it to save money. (The park fee back then when camping was $5 per person per day. Today it is $100.) On the second family safari I almost lost Nan and Mary Kay, who wandered off down the Mara River and irritated a hippo. On the third family safari, I gave Maggie and Mom a nervous breakdown as our Landrover broke down just in front of a charging rhino. We’ve learned from all those past mistakes. I can now decide quite specifically who should be killed and who should be saved.

In years past I’ve chosen the dates based on when people could go. This time I chose the dates when I want to go, and it is absolutely the best time of the year. We will see the great migration in spades.

Five of the six places we stay are of extraordinary, surprising luxury, including Crater Lodge which has made Conde Nast’s Gold List ever year.

Because we’ll have multiple vehicles, it’s never necessary that everyone do everything, together. We can structure schedules based on vehicles. There will be something available to do at every moment of every day, but routinely people take some time off, especially to enjoy the unique places in which we’ll be staying.

Every place we’ll be — even in the most remote parts of the Serengeti where we’re unlikely to see vehicles other than our own — cell phone services is available.

Please keep the prices confidential. They are at cost and considerably below the market. I guide several other safaris at this time of the year with a similar component and have many past friends and clients who join me; it would be quite embarrassing if they discovered this price.

The descriptive itinerary below is mostly unedited rambling. Give me a call toll-free at 800-672-3274 if you’d like more information.