This is the Mara’s oldest and arguably most loved permanent tented camp. Named after the British colonial governors who spent many of their weekends here, it is perfectly located in the northwest salient of the reserve, situated along the Mara River.

There are 37 tents, most of which are located on a high embankment above the sometimes roaring Mara River. Intentionally there is no electricity in the tents, and the ambiance of the old days is retained with pressure lanterns maintained by the faithful tent steward. The back of the tent is attached to a permanent, fully equipped and very large shower, toilet and wash basin area.

The covered dining tent serves all the gourmet dinners on elegant china and crystal with fine wines. But most of the breakfasts and lunches are served al fresco along the river. Governor’s driver/guides are obviously the most experienced in the Mara, in some cases having handed over their profession to their sons!

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