The capital of Botswana, Gaborone, is as close to a virtual city as it gets. It didn’t exist before 1966, the country’s independence from Britain. It is a modern, squeaky clean and completely reliable metropolis, perfectly reflecting the country that owns so much of the world’s diamonds and other valuable minerals. The entire city, including all the government buildings, a power station, a hospital, schools, a radio station, a telephone exchange, police stations, a post office, and more than 1,000 houses were built in the span of 3 years to prepare for independence and an expected 20,000 residents. By 1992 there were 138,000 residents, and in 2008 nearly a sixth of the country’s entire population lived here, about a quarter million. It is almost always sunny in Gabs, with hardly three dozen usually short-lived thunderstorms annually, almost all of which appear in November and December. Days are usually hot with cool nights only in the winter months of June – August.