This famous Mexican botanical park is one of the treasures of the city of Uruapan. It is a fifty-acre lush rainforest, a beautiful oasis in the bustling town.

Most of the well-maintained trails follow tributaries of the Cupatitzio River and there are many quite pools, rapids and waterfalls, as well as several man-made fountains. The trails end at “Las Rodillas de los Diablos” (the Devil’s Knees), the spring from which the Cupatitzio River originates. There are hundreds of species of trees, flower and ferns found here.

Located at the beginning of the “tierra caliente” of Michoacán, Uruapan is the avocado capital of Mexico. Trees, plants and flowers found in the national park and in this region stand in stark contrast to the pine woods of Pátzcuaro, located only one hour away and 1,500 feet higher in elevation.

A famous trout farm is located inside the park, and customers line up to buy expertly deboned filets daily. Pair the fresh trout with the locally grown macadamia nuts, and you will enjoy a meal fit for royalty!