Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s most important city, largest metropolis, only port and de facto capital. (The true capital, Dodoma, is in the middle of the country and essentially ignored.) The city has grown to nearly 8 million in the last decade and congestion on the city streets and shopping areas occurs nearly round-the-clock. There is no easy-access beach associated with this port city, as the coast is rocky and defined by steep cliffs, although there are hotels located on the seaside escarpments. The city is striving to become tourist friendly, and the relatively small “Slipway” shopping and restaurant area in the center of the metropolis is turning into something close to fashionable and absolutely worth a visit for anyone with time, here. Unfortunately, the few museums, including the National Museum, are in serious disrepair and probably not worth the entrance fee.

There are a number of good hotels in the city, as any business of any kind that occurs in Tanzania occurs in Dar. And as a result there is much more of a business and commercial nature to the hotels than the tourism-friendly establishments found on the safari circuit.