Used by hunters and explorers from the earliest times, a classic camp affords the isolation and magic of being deep in the African wilderness while conserving basic comforts. Classic camps are available for as few as 2 people (1 tent) and for as many as 20 (10 tents).

Classic camps are placed on special camp sites within government parks and reserves, or on private land with abundant game. These sites are large and scenic, and in many cases are located in remote areas far from the ordinary tourist circuits.

The individual tents are large enough for two spring beds and a few chairs, occasionally a small writing table. Some classic camps provide a bit of solar electricity but most are lighted with kerosene or pressure lamps.

There is a great variety among classic camps for the showers and toilets. Showers are almost always “hot-bucket” showers, and the bush toilets are either “long-drops” or chemical toilets. More expensive classic camps may attach a private bucket shower and bush toilet to each individual tent. Less expensive classic camps will share these facilities.

The staff to client ratio is usually around 1:1. Staff includes a cook who prepares outstanding, hearty dishes over charcoal fires. The staff also includes a camp manager, but he generally remains out of sight. The large and comfortable dining tent serves as the central meeting place for the entire camp.

Most classic camps are too large to move when clients move as an Adventure Camp does, so a night is required elsewhere if the same camp is being moved from one location to the next.