Canon Lodge is situated only 20km from the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon, the lodge is situated on the 520 square kilometer, privately owned Gondwana Canyon Park. Canyon Lodge is built from natural materials, including local rock and thatch roofs. The lodge offers rooms with in-suite facilities, while the old farm house serves as the dining room. This tranquil lodge serves as an excellent base from which to explore the wonders of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

Tall weather-beaten granite boulders mark the location of the lodge and form an integral part of the overall design. Spaced evenly amongst these boulders are 26 thatched, wooden bungalows. All units are equipped with comfortable beds and in-suite bathrooms. The boulders, cool to the touch and smoothly rounded by an eternity of erosion, protrude into the rooms to make them blend in with the natural surroundings. The design of the bungalows was conceived with the idea to make you feel one with nature whilst enjoying a comfortable stay. Sometimes true luxury lies in simplicity.

An old farmhouse, originally built in 1908 by three Bavarian brothers, has been restored to serve as the Canon Lodge Restaurant. Its main attraction is an awe-inspiring view of the canyon landscape, which needless to say, makes a meal at the restaurant truly an experience not to be missed. Decorated with farming implements dating back to the previous century, and combined with the lively chatter of guests and staff alike, success is evident in the atmosphere that seems to linger amongst our visitors who enjoy our warm hospitality and traditional Namibian food.

Although not widely advertised, one of the interesting points of this lodge is its quest for self sufficiency. This includes making their own cheeses and yogurt/curd, growing a wide range of vegetables and raising a variety of livestock.