Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is Uganda’s most important mountain gorilla sanctuary. (A secondary, much less developed Mgahinga National Park is located on the Rwandan border and is a part of the more important Volcano National Park mega-park that sits over three countries.) Bwindi is north of and separated from the main habitat of mountain gorillas, the Volcano National Park, by approximately a 50k swath of protected forest that researchers are attempting to develop as a migratory corridor for the gorillas and other wildlife.

The park is an ancient rainforest that is likely older than Volcano National Park and as a result has a slightly greater biodiversity. There are 90 mammal species including 11 primates, and fantastic birding which includes 23 endemic Albertine Rift species.

With an understandable competition with the Rwandan wilderness, Uganda officials claim that Bwindi has approximately half the remaining mountain gorillas, but that’s unlikely. Of the estimated 650 gorillas counted in 2007, Bwindi is home to less than 200. There are only 4 habituated families (as opposed to Rwanda’s 8) and 1 of those is often inaccessible. Bwindi families tend to be smaller in number as well. On another competitive level, however, Bwindi’s trained rangers are often considered superior to those who escort tourists in Rwanda. And in this regards, the park has developed a number of walks featuring birds and plants as well as the gorillas.