Life on a Kenyan ranch isn’t just about living close-up with a whole album of Laikipia’s unique wildlife, including some of Kenya’s most habituated elephants. It’s about so much more. Each day some sort of equilibrium must be sought between the needs of Africa’s predators and abundant wildlife and those of the doe-eyed humped Boran cattle that give the ranch its name. Alongside this, we have to ensure the commercial viability of our smaller-scale projects such as the Hide and Sheep Ltd and leather workshop, manned by blind and disabled workers whilst also putting energy into the success of schemes to enhance the lives of Borana‘s pastoralist neighbors.

  Â Â A stay at Borana is a unique opportunity for total immersion in the life and goings on of a working ranch where environmental and ecological considerations rank alongside the responsibilities we feel towards our neighboring communities be they pastoralists or agriculturalists, be it in the form of development partnerships and mobile health clinics, or the workings of the ranch’s education trust.
Of course a visit to the high altitude rose farm or to our organic essential oil distillery is by no means compulsory; there are plenty of other ways to entertain you on Borana. Two strings of horses, mountain bikes, game walks, cross-cultural experiences and plenty of excuses for a night fly camping await our visitors. We just want you to know that there’s more to Borana.
Then again you could just put your feet up, sit back in your open 4 x 4 and be taken to the game, eat delicious home grown organic food and maybe muster up the energy to drag yourself away from your exclusively comfortable sleeping house for an afternoon massage overlooking Mount Kenya and, of course, the pool.