The Anib Lodge is 100sq km of private wilderness on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Ridges of brick red dunes peak through troughs of blonde grass and proud acacias. Against this picture-postcard backdrop, the Anib Lodge is a sprawling comfort zone of red brick, lush lawns and endless views.

With 55 double en suite rooms, it is a large lodge by Namibian standards; 19 of the rooms are private chalets the remaining 36 open onto a private courtyard. The central feature is a large pool surrounded by palm trees, succulents, a lush lawn and comfortable recliners. The living area has a large open terrace for dining under the magnificent canopy of stars that only the crystal-clear night skies of the Kalahari could reveal.

Space is not in short supply in the southern Kalahari Desert and animals roam far and wide. Game viewing may not be the main focus of life in this scenic semi-arid wilderness but it is rewarding. Large groups of springbok pronk along the grassy streets between the sandy ridges; graceful white-socked gemsbok meander through the acacia trees and the giraffe amble across this tableau with such grace that they appear to be in slow motion. Game viewing, hikes, and sunset drives make the Anib an interesting, scenic and relaxing diversion.