Providing an exciting alternative to standard lodges and permanent tented camps, adventure camps are the most economical way of getting deep into the African bush. In typical backpacker fashion, clients often assist with setting up and breaking down their own tents, but all the gear is normally supplied. Adventure camps are available for as few as 2 people (1 tent) and for as many as 20 (10 tents).

Adventure camps are placed in public camp sites within government parks and reserves, or on private land with abundant game. Public camp sites usually include permanent toilet and shower blocks, and when placed on private land adventure camps set up a toilet and shower tent for use by the group.

The individual tents are typical backpacker tents, ranging from igloo to string-ups and sized for two throw-down sleeping bags. A few adventure camps provide cots or spring beds. The camp is lighted with kerosene or pressure lamps.

The staff to client ratio can become as small as 1:5. Staff includes a cook who prepares outstanding, hearty dishes over charcoal fires.

The adventure camp is carried in the same vehicles that are used for the actual trip, including game viewing, so it remains with the clients from start to finish.