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africasafarisEWT's site is easily organized to help you find what you're looking for quickly. But we invite you at any time to contact us directly toll-free from the U.S. or Canada at 800-672-3274 (from outside the U.S.: 815-776-0777) or or email us at

EWT operates in three areas of sub-Saharan Africa:

East Africa has the best overall game viewing, fabulous beaches, fewer non-game viewing activities, a waide range of accommodations, large variations in costs and is a region that has been mostly stable politically over the years but with some notable periods of social unrest. EWT never operates in unstable regions, so if we decide one country or another is unstable, you will not see itineraries available on our website to that area. Anything that is published is considered stable.

Southern Africa has good game viewing, fewer fabulous beaches, lots of of non-game viewing activities, a huge variety of accommodations and costs and is a region of widely variable political stability. South Africa and most of the countries in this region are very stable. Zimbabwe is not, and therefore, you will not find any itineraries on our website for Zimbabwe.

Northern Africa has no game viewing, fewer fabulous beaches, mostly awesome historic and ancient attractions, moderate to luxurious accommodations, and is undergoing massive political change. This does not mean, however, that every place in North Africa is unstable to visit. If we have trips we feel are safe, they will be published.

Climbs & Treks are all in East Africa and include Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru and Ruwenzori mountain climbs, and mountain gorilla treks in Uganda and Rwanda.

Most of the trips listed on this site are private trips that you take independent of any overall professional guide or escort and which operate at the prices shown for a minimum of two people on any date desired. Obviously there will still be professionals driving and guiding you as described in the itineraries, and guides to show you the local attractions and game viewing, but no EWT staff member or freelance professional will accompany you from start to finish as is the case with our Escorted Safaris and Signature Safaris. For fly-in game viewing programs you may be asked to share game viewing vehicles with other travelers.

Most Private Safaris can be upgraded to an Escorted Safari at additional cost. Escorted Safaris include a professional who meets you when you first arrive and remains with you until you leave for home. He/She stays in the same lodge or camp as you, joins you for meals and escorts you from place to place. He might also be your driver/guide. The upgrade cost varies a lot depending upon the safari and the season, so we kindly ask you to contact us once you know your dates for a quick upgrade quote.

Signature Safaris are escorted group safaris by particular professionals like Jim Heck, EWT's founder and CEO; Steve Taylor, former director of the Cleveland Zoo; and Tumaini Meishaa, EWT's permanent representative in East Africa. These itineraries may be available to you independently as a private safari. Please email us for a quote.

Thank you for considering EWT. And don't forget the single most important thing: whenever you feel like it, you can call us toll-free at 800-672-3274!


eastafricaEWT operates in five countries in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. Kenya and Tanzania provide the best game viewing in the world, period! There is a lot to consider when planning a vacation in Africa, and no matter where you go there are attractions other than game viewing. But if your focus is on seeing Africa's wildlife, then it's to Kenya or Tanzania, or both, that you must go. Although the size of all the protected wilderness areas in East Africa is greater than the size of France, compared to southern Africa there are many fewer places to stay and types of things to do. So while a traveler could return to East Africa several times without revisiting the same park twice while still enjoying the world's best game viewing, in Southern Africa you could return a dozen or more times without revisiting the same park twice. Similarly, there is a comfortable range of places to stay in East Africa from pretty basic to very luxurious, but that still falls rather narrowly within a much larger range of accommodations available in southern Africa. And finally, while East Africa does provide some very exciting adventure activities (like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, mountain biking, beach vacations, and some trekking) most of your time is usually spent viewing game in a vehicle. In southern Africa there are as many types of vacation activities as you would expect traveling to California wildernesses. So while your choices are more limited in where you go and how you travel within East Africa, the conclusion will always be the same: the best game viewing in the world! Rwanda provides the best mountain gorilla trekking. Uganda has some moderately good game viewing, exciting and challenging mountain treks (in the Mountains of the Moon) and the best birding in the continent. These four equatorial countries do not have summer/winter climates, but rather complex miniclimates defined by regional rainy seasons. Compared to other regions in Africa, game viewing is good year-round, with slightly better game viewing during the first three-quarters of a rainy season. But there is little uniformity in the rainy seasons throughout the region: much of Kenya's attractions (east of the Rift Valley) are framed by two rainy seasons: the short rains (November - January) and the long rains (April - June). But most of northern Tanzania and some of Kenya (including the Maasai Mara) has only a single rainy season from December - May, and Uganda and Rwanda are often wet year-round. Ethiopia provides good treks, some limited game viewing, and fascinating historical and cultural touring.

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southernafricaThe southern Africa region is one of the most diverse in the world, comprising countries among the poorest on earth (Madagascar, Zimbabwe) to the richest (South Africa).

South Africa is the most developed country of all safari countries, with a great range of tourist activities including one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Cape Town); excellent public services like roads, communication and health care facilities; and a huge choice of tourist attractions from game viewing to RV motoring. The country's long history (it was settled just before the first pilgrims landed in North America) gives rise to numerous excellent historical museums and a vibrant contemporary culture. South Africa's longitude south of the equator is about the same as Florida or Texas north of the equator. As in parts of inland Texas, it may snow in the winter, although it rarely sticks. And during the summer it is particularly hot, although the coastal cities like Cape Town and Durban remain lovely year round.

The best game viewing in southern Africa is found in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. These inland countries are very hot and wet during their summer (November - March), and as a result, some of the better safari camps are closed, then. The best time for game viewing is during the winter (May - September), although this is also when many trees have no leaves, the hours of daylight are at their shortest and when mornings can be frigid. Botswana and Zambia have limited other attractions. Zimbabwe was a more developed country with a deeper history and culture, although its recent political situation has seriously jeopardized most traveler interest. One of the continents principal attractions, Victoria Falls, is shared by Zambia (at Livingstone) and Zimbabwe (at Victoria Falls). The falls are at their most splendid from March - May, after which the flow systematically drops to the trickles normally seen from October through January.

One of the most interesting countries on the continent, Namibia is one of the larger and least populated and characterized primarily by the worlds oldest desert, the Namibia. The Namib's scenery is spectacular, including the worlds tallest dunes. The coast of Namibia is where one of the worlds hottest deserts meets the worlds coldest ocean, and this causes a turbulent sea known as the Skeleton Coast with very unique ecologies. Namibias game viewing, including at its famous Etosha National Park, pales in comparison to the three countries mentioned above. The northern border with Angola along the Kunene River is where some of Africa's most primitive peoples still live. Because of its harsh climate, Namibia is difficult to visit from October - April.

Mozambique is rapidly developing into the jet-setters getaway, with fabulous island and coastal resorts and a rapidly developing, very historic and beautiful capital, Maputo. There are some intriguing game viewing opportunities newly developed in the north, but the principal attraction is its coast and outer islands.

There is no other country in Africa with as unique ecology as Madagascar. The countrys development falls far short of its neighbors, though, and as such the tourist facilities remain mostly poor with a handful of notable exceptions. The main attraction is its lemurs, and the unusual environments in which they live. Madagascar is often toured in conjunction with the nearby islands of Reunion and Mauritius, both of which are highly developed, excellent beach and ecotourism destinations.

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CLIMBS & TREKSview trips

There are exciting climbs and treks all through Africa. We offer the best and most popular:

CLIMBS The best climbs in Africa are in East Africa, on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and in the Ruwenzori (Mountains of the Moon). Generally, climbing in East Africa is best during the dry, hotter season, but note that Kilimanjaro has its own miniclimate and is best climbed in January, February, and August-October.

TREKS Adventure touring including hiking, fly camping, river canoeing and rafting, and biking are more developed in southern Africa than East Africa, but there are a number of exciting and new opportunities in East Africa. Keep in mind the season when placing your interest regionally: these programs operate year-round in East Africa which is on the equator, but in southern Africa many are scheduled by season. Winter (May - October) is cold in Botswana, Zimbabwe and inland South Africa, but winter camping safaris often provide better game viewing than during the much harsher summer.

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Signature Safaris are specific trips on specific dates that are guided by a prominent personality. If the dates shown on our website for this trip aren't convenient for you, or if you have your own group (6 or more people) and would like a prominent guide, please give us a call at 800-672-3274 or email us at

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North Africaview trips

NorthAfrica.mapEWT operates in five countries in East Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

This is Arab Africa and often considered by the travel industry to be part of the Mediterranean rather than Africa. They all have beautiful coasts with many beach resorts. But it is, of course, part of and very important to Africa.

The great Sahel and Sahara deserts begin in the southern portion of this area and extend into central Africa. Desert touring is a feature of all tourism in all the countries of the area. The natural desert barrier is the most significant barrier between this area and the rest of the continent, and the reason that this region is so different from the rest of the continent.

Most of the touring is cultural and historical. The world's greatest and earliest civilizations with their magnificent monuments are found in Egypt. The more advanced Roman and Greek civilizations clashed in Tunisia and Libya. Later, tremendous battles between emerging European civilizations and the older Ottoman Turks ravaged Algeria and Morocco. The artifacts and remains of these civilizations across the northern part of Africa is a time line for human society on the planet.

Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have the most developed and modern tourist facilities, including outstanding beach resorts, winter ski resorts and a great variety of spas. Their affinity and often control by Europeans across the Mediterranean gives them an European ambience not found elsewhere. It also melds Muslim and European societies in interesting ways.

Libya is a society only recently opening to tourism, attracting the more adventuresome traveler. The country is rife with Roman ruins and one of the best for visiting the Sahara desert.

Egypt's tourism dwarfs the rest of the North African continent. A Nile cruise depicting the great ancient civilizations found here is an essential trip for every serious traveler. But the country's developed industry goes far beyond historical touring. Some of the finest scuba diving in the world is found from Egypt's Red Sea resorts; the trekking in both the deserts and eastern mountains is well developed and exciting; and the massive city of Cairo represents world urbanism at its most modern.

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