Dry Season Drama    (8 Days)

July 27 – August 3, 2018

Guided by Tumaini Meisha

$5,705 (including local flights)

East Africa’s dry season (June through November) usually provides the most dramatic game viewing possible which means extraordinary numbers of lions (normally 70-80), phenomenal congregations of elephants and outstanding plains game!

Game viewing in the dry season is a much more technical affair than during the wet season. In some places, like the Serengeti, as much as a quarter of the biomass migrates out of the park to better watered areas. So the key to spectacular game viewing during the dry season is to travel to areas that still have rain like Kenya’s Maasai Mara. That’s the secret!

At any time of the year exciting safaris can be planned that provide a game viewing experience that exceeds most visitors’ expectations. But within this wonderful array of opportunities traveling to Kenya during the “dry season” affords extraordinary value in a relatively short time, (provided you understand and keep the secret that it probably won’t be dry in the Mara!).

Guided by EWT’s Tumaini Meisha. Read more about Tumaini by clicking here.

Looking for more adventure? Start your Kenya Dry Season Drama Safari with a pretrip to Tanzania’s best parks!

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Tumaini introduces you one of Africa’s most exciting cities this morning, Nairobi! Whenever you arrive in Nairobi you’ll be personally met and privately transferred outside the city to one of the city’s most elegant hotels, the Hemingways Nairobi. Touring actually begins right away, so if you don’t wish to miss anything consider coming a day early! You'll start with an immediate introduction to the bush as unlikely as that sounds from this city of 6 million! Spend the morning on a "safari walk" in Nairobi National Park. This ingenuous board walk into the actually wild park will give you a glimpse of many of the animals you'll expect to see later on. Afterwards there will be time for an independent lunch in a nearby mall before an afternoon guided tour of the Karen Blixen Museum, an excellent introduction to early colonial Kenya. The evening is free. Overnight at the Hemingways Nairobi.

For a wonderfully complete experience of all of East Africa in the dry season, consider joining Tumaini for the pretrip in Tanzania.


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Saturday, July 28, 2018

This morning Tumaini takes you to the impressive National Museum. In front of "Ahmed," the world's largest known preserved elephant, he'll explain the history of elephants in East Africa. He'll also guide you into the exceptional early man exhibit including a visit to the special room that displays the actual original bones of several important excavations. After time for lunch in the Museum's cafeteria, the safari heads north into the highlands. Arrive at a beautiful old colonial manor for dinner and overnight at the Aberdare Country Club.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

The whole day is spent game viewing in the Aberdare National Park, ending at a famous tree hotel for overnight game viewing. The day surprises many, since it is highland jungle, thick and beautiful and cold! You’ll go high enough to see the bamboo line and even the tundra. This provides opportunities for really rare game like the mountain reedbuck. A picnic is planned in view of multiple waterfalls around 11,000'. In the afternoon we will arrive at The Ark for dinner and overnight. This is one of Kenya’s most famous tree hotels where you sit still and watch animals come to you! The lodge is built on stilts over a natural salt lick and water hole and sometimes a never-ending parade of Africa unfolds all night long! There are three viewing levels and thick blankets to ward off the cold mountain air. In your little cabin there’s a switch to activate a loud buzzer to awake you to anything particularly exciting, but many visitors manage to stay up most of the night!

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Larsens3.SamburuMonday, July 30, 2018

Beautiful drive this morning around the sparkling glaciers of Mt. Kenya before plunging onto the Great Northern Frontier! You might wonder what you’re doing here! But the thrilling drive over the desert landscape finally arrives the great Ewaso Nyiro River. This large river drops down from the Aberdare Mountains and continues for a very short time before dying in the nearby Lorian swamp, but meanwhile the desert around it blooms and attracts all sorts of animals! Check-in to a luxurious permanent tented camp, enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the banks of the river as exotic birds, baboons and monkeys scream from the palm trees. Often elephant can be seen across the river. Then after lunch Tumaini takes you on the first game drive in this remarkable, unique and very dramatic wilderness. Dinner and overnight at Larsen's Camp.

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SamAnimalsTuesday, July 31, 2018

A full day exploring the unique wildlife and scenery of the Great Northern Frontier! Tumaini will search for the world’s most beautiful giraffe which lives only in these semi-arid lands. The gorgeous reticulated giraffe is not found anywhere else. There are less than 3000 of the very rare Grevy’s zebra left, and that too is on the game viewing checklist for today! Samburu National Park is a Disneyland of exotic, colorful animals, birds and plants, many of which evolved sequestered from the greater savannah lands to the south. Activities, meals and overnight at Larsen's Camp.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This morning you game drive to the Samburu airstrip then fly directly into Kenya's best park, the Maasai Mara. The dramatic flight leaps over the Great Rift Valley as you peer down from the plane onto Kenya's beautiful lakes of Nakuru and Naivasha. Land on the endless plains of the Mara at exactly the most dramatic time of the year, when normally the Great Migration has crossed the Mara River from Tanzania into Kenya. After getting settled in your camp and enjoying a wonderful lunch, you head immediately to the river in search of the famous river crossings that have made African game viewing so famous! This is when thousands of wildebeest and zebra mass at the edges of the great Mara River and then finally cross, jumping over the giant crocs waiting for them! Return to camp for dinner and overnight and hit the sack with the endless excitement of the day still animated by the Mara's never-ending symphony of night animal sounds! Meals and overnight at Governor's Camp.

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cheetahmara1Thursday, August 2, 2018

Three game drives are included daily from Governor's Camp beginning at dawn returning for a full breakfast, followed by a mid-day drive which returns for lunch, and finally the afternoon game drive. Options are available for hot air ballooning, visiting a Maasai village and taking a safari walk. While game drives during this migration season often hug the river in search of those exciting river crossings, don't forget that the Mara is chocked full of all sorts of other game, too. On the endless rolling plains are all the cats, elephant, buffalo and tons of plains antelope. The migration is a very weather dependent phenomenon, and with the unexpected weather changes all over the world, today, the migration just can no longer be guaranteed. But don't worry. Even in that unlikely situation, the Mara will guarantee some of the best game viewing on safari! Meals and overnight at Governor's Camp.

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2lions.restingonkill.563.maraFriday, August 3, 2018

After a final morning of game viewing the group begins its journey home with a quick flight back to Nairobi. Everyone will be taken to the EKA Hotel near the airport. You’ll have a private room to relax and repack until the hotel shuttles you to the terminal for the overnight departures to Europe.

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