This is Tanzania’s newest and one of its larger national parks. It was catapulted to prominence in the last decade as several completely new species of primates were discovered here. That was followed by a barrage of scientific interest in this unique the entire ecosystem, discovering many new plants, birds and amphibians. The reason for all this new scientific discovery has to do with the environmental isolation that this mostly “steppe forest” finds itself, contained within a huge river and mountain system that develops into The Selous.

The park has no permanent accommodation of its own, nor any tracks for vehicles. But it is only a half hour from the very developed Mikumi National Park, which has several good camps and lodges.

Day trekkers have no option but to hike, and even the hiking trails are limited, but the traditional circuit is exciting, a “climb” of nearly 1000′ to several waterfalls through the pristine, endemic forest that makes Udzungwa so unique.