Tarangire Sopa Lodge is the only large, first-class tourist lodge in Tarangire National Park. There 83 rooms, all identical Sopa Lodge design, about midway down the park overlooking a glen surrounded by baobab forests.

There are two two-level wings of tiny cottages that are strung out from the center of the lodge, which includes massive public areas with a bar, large reception, huge dining room, coffee bar, game room and boutique. There is a large stylized swimming pool that wraps around an outdoor bar and dining area.

The front of each cottage is a poorly furnished small sitting room, and the back is the bedroom which includes a patio that overlooks the glen. There are two double-sized beds per bedroom with a large ceiling fan necessary in the very hot climate Tarangire experiences most of the year. The tiled shower/toilet room provides hot running water only in the evening.

Almost all meals are buffet style with a great variety of meal choices, salads and deserts, appropriate to serving a large clientele.

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