The only boutique safari camp inside mighty Tarangire National Park, Swala is an historic camp rebuilt numerous times and today one of the most pleasant and attractive of all Tanzania’s permanent tented camps. Originally this was one of Africa’s most famous hunting camps. When the reserve became a national park in the 1980s, the new non-hunting owners of the concession were grandfathered into the lease, and the camp became the only property allowed in the southern two-thirds of this 2200 sq. mile park.

Situated around a natural water hole often frequented by elephant, each of the nine tents is spacious and beautiful, with incredible attention to the fine interior furnishings. Each tent has full plumbing, big beds and a large veranda. Gourmet meals are served in a long, rectangular dining tent with table settings that include beautiful china and crystal, creating a very elegant atmosphere in a very remote place in the bush.

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