Names in Madagascar are confusing for several reasons.  Practically every place and every city has two names that are equally in use: the traditional Malagasy name and the colonial name.  This often also applies to many of its national parks and forests.  Originally simply the Andasibe National Park, the great primary rainforest of the eastern part of the island is now split into different sections, sometimes private sometimes still associated to the national park, with separate names.  Close to Vakona Lodge is the Perinet Reserve.  A bit further is the main entrance to the Mantadia National Park, which for years was referred to as Perinet as well.  In between is Analamazoatra, previously considered Mantadia, where the Indri Indri lemur is found.  There is then the private reserve that surrounds the lodge.  This is all, of course, a single wondrous habitat: highland rainforest jungle between 2500 and 4000′ above sea level, with precipitation two out of every three days.  The fragmentation of the area into these confusingly named pieces was caused by private logging which remains an incredible threat to the great diversity of the biome.  Even so, today the area remains one of the most magical and brilliant of this island’s exceptional diversity with many endemic and endangered species including 13 types of lemur.