This very small country (10,000 sq. miles, slightly smaller than Maryland) is a lush and mountainous country landlocked nearly in the center of the continent. It was one of the two divisions created as separate countries from the Belgian colony of Rwanda-Urundi, which Belgium inherited from Germany after that country's loss in World War I. (The other division is the country of Burundi.) With nearly 10 million inhabitants, it is East Africa's most densely populated country.
Despite the country's extraordinary beauty and unique interest for tourists seeking the great apes, Rwanda is mostly known for its horrible ethnic conflicts. More or less regular catastrophes occurred throughout the colonial period and into the modern independent age as well, until the last one in 1994. The worldwide attention that attracted resulted in much international investment, and today the capital of Kigali is one of the most modern, attractive capitals in Africa.

In addition to the tourist attractions, the small country is famous for its tea.