Morocco is one of the most stable, continuous desert monarchies on earth. Its first dynasty was created in 783 as it threw off the remnants of the Roman Empire. Today there is a slightly more democratic constitutional monarchy, but it is only the fourth dynasty (family) to have ruled in the last millennia and a half.

Part of this success is due to the Berber culture and independence which preserved Morocco as the only northern African country unconquered by the Turks. Throughout this long history of fierce independence the Berbers cultivated a moderate but strong Muslim religion which infuses every day life with a tradition and lifeways cycle missing from other Arab-African countries.

Graced by long histories with few wars, the country has numerous fascinating historical sites from almost every period in recorded human history. With a radical topography from the Sahara Desert to the lush Mediterranean coast, with a beautiful mountain range in between, the scenery is ever-changing and gorgeous.