Amber Mountain National Park - Wikipedia by Marco Schmidt - 400px-Waterfall_Montagne_d_Ambre_MS5563Amber Mountain National Park is a volcanic massif surrounded by lush forests with a number of beautiful waterfalls.  Thousands of acres of the montane rainforest of the park are home to extraordinary plant and animal life. Huge ferns and strangler figs flourish in the forest, while several indigenous species of lemurs, including Sanford’s and the crowned lemur.  The magnificent birdlife includes crested ibis, paradise flycatcher, and forest rock thrush, and ground-rollers.  There are 60 reptiles (of which three-quarters are endemic like the tiny stump-tailed chameleons and leaf-tailed geckos).  The radical change in altitude within the park, from around 2500 – 5000′ creates three distinct ecosystems in which are found more than one thousand different plants.