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South Africa
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Jim's South Africa 2019

This trip introduces you to many of the great non-game treasures of South Africa centered around the extraordinary beauty and unique ecology of The Cape, before ending in the best game viewing area in [...]

Cape Town Wildflowers

Nowhere else in the world has the spectacular profusion of flowers of Cape Town! [...]

African Odyssey

Journey through the spectacular kaleidoscope of South Africa taking in the great highlights South Africa has to offer! [...]

Classic South Africa

This extraordinary journey will highlight the unbelievable diversity that South Africa has to offer as you explore from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 15 days. [...]

Wild Kingdoms

Explore the diverse and scenic eastern region of South Africa on a tour that takes you to the Kruger National Park, then through Swaziland and Zululand to the thriving coastal city of Durban. [...]

Namibia Southern Odyssey

Sit back and relax as you range from the Kalahari Desert with its antique red sands to the gigantic 100-mile long ravine of the Fish River Canyon. [...]


Enjoy exciting close encounters with the famous Big 5 and many other animals and birds, all whilst enjoying the superb amenities of a luxury hotel. [...]

Garden Route

Explore the Garden Route and its abundant attractions in just four days! [...]

Namibia Etosha

More than a century of continuous conservation has ensured that wildlife flourishes in Etosha National Park, much the same as it has over the past millennia. [...]