Mt. Kenya Summit    (6 Days)

Operates from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023

$4,845 - $5,320

This short route is for those who want to ascend Mt. Kenya away from the huts and other climbers associated with the normal tourist routes. The route wanders through pristine forest and alpine heath land giving clients an opportunity to experience the unique flora and fauna of Mt. Kenya away from the tourist routes.

Nightly camps are secluded by little visited mountain streams teeming with trout, ready for you to catch. Accommodation is in mountain tents.

Thrusting 16,000′ above the equator, Mt. Kenya is composed of seven large spires of granite and ice. To reach the summit of Sirimon the trek passes other snow-licked summits, glacier sculptured valleys and alpine moorland riddled with clear tarns and trout-filled streams. Elephant, giraffe and eland roam its lower slopes, while the stunning vegetation – giant lobelias appear like spiky pokers — have made it an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Small wonder it was deified by the local Kikuyu people, whose doors always faced what they believed was the seat of the god Ghai.

Forced onto the earth by volcanic eruptions around 3 million years ago, the original volcano was probably more than 22,000′ high. Even after these millions of years of glacial erosion, it is still a massive, spectacular mountain.

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The program begins with either your local flight early this morning from Nairobi's Wilson airport to Nanyuki, or a private vehicle transfer from any place in downtown Nairobi north through Kikuyuland and the central highlands to Nanyuki. If you opt for the flight, note that transfers to Wilson airport are not included in these prices but can easily be added. On arrival in Nanyuki you then continue to the Mt. Kenya Safari Club for lunch. The afternoon is free and includes a trek briefing with your guide. There are a variety of activities available at the club. Dinner and overnight.

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Day 2: MT. KENYA

After breakfast vehicles take you to the starting point where you begin what is normally an 8-hr, 8-mile trek of about 2000 feet in elevation. We walk purposely slow to acclimatise to the altitude. The route is open heath land and we have the chance of seeing some unique mountain wildlife. One thing we won't see is another group as we are now definitely off the main track. We arrive at our stunning mountain stream Adventure Camp and relax in the awesome mountain beauty.

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Day 3: MT. KENYA

A relatively easy day of 8-miles, roughly 8 hours of walking with an ascent of less than 1,000 feet. This is truly a day to explore one of Kenya's more pristine areas. For those that are keen the tarn is full of large trout and would be a welcome addition to dinner! As usual we will have sumptuous meals waiting for us back at our Adventure Camp.

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Day 4: MT. KENYA

This is a day when the scenery changes radically. The vegetation changes to moorland grass with small flowering plants and the amazing giant lobelias and senecios. About 8 miles of treking that normally takes about six hours up a relatively small 300' ascent. The day ends at the base of the old volcanic plug that makes up the rocky peaks of Batian, Nelion and Pt. Lenana. Dinner and overnight at our Adventure Camp.

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We are able to reach the top of Mt. Lenana (16,355') and end the day at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club! We make a very early start at 3 a.m. joining the circuit path. There are stunning views, tarns, glaciers, ice carved rock formations and precipitous valleys! We reach Pt. Lenana for a sunrise celebration with spectacular views of the Aberdare Ranges and Mt. Kilimanjaro. After a celebratory cup of tea or coffee we start our descent which lasts 8-10 hours where a vehicle is stationed high on the mountain to transfer you to the Club for dinner and overnight.

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Hotel checkout occurs after breakfast. You may now either choose a morning flight that returns you to Nairobi's Wilson airport around noon, or a private vehicle transfer back to Nairobi city.

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